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Your Questions About What Is Lean Drink Side Effects

George asks…

What if any are the side effects of gnc”s P.P. Mass XXX Mass builder?

I’ve just started using this product, and it causes stomach discomfort, and mallox works wonders, but even if I drink the wheybolic extreme (previous use) i experience discomfort. I know the wheybolic extreme and mass xxx provide results, that outweigh the discomfort, but is there some reason for the twinges? By the way, I reccomend anyone trying to gain lean muscle use GNC’s Pro Performance line of products, THEY ROCK! (So does my sexy body)!!

admin answers:

Lol ur hilarious for that last sentence!

Robert asks…

What are some good workout drinks? Foods?

Hi I’m trying to get more tone and lean but wondering what are some good ones. If I don’t take protein shakes or other workout drinks and try to get lean and more fit naturally will that take too long? I want something more natural, nothing artificial or scientifically bad in the drinks. Just something that works, effective, and no bad side effects etc. Advice greatly appreciated, thanks.

admin answers:

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William asks…

Cutting diet/cardio/fatburner?

Hi, I was into bodybuilding for awhile prohormones, 6000 calories heavyweights lots of bulk etc. I am looking to lean out now and just realized i dont know a thing about ripping out only bulking. I currently am at 10 percent bodyfat I have vascularity, i have good definition, but i just want to be tighter/leaner i have abs that show when flexed but want to get rid of that little bit of fat around them. What are my best plans for diet,is soda/energy drinks bad for leaning? workout plans, also any supplements? I was looking into a real fatburner like venom, but are there any side effects like mental,sexual, etc? THANKS p.s. 59 174

admin answers:

Cut your calories 2500-3000 will be enough you may even be able to go less than that, it depends on your body and lifestyle.

Fat burners don’t work as well as good old fashion hard work try sprint intervals. Sprint for 30 seconds then rest for 1 minute and repeat 8-10 sets.

When i lift i like to use short rest intervals typically 30 seconds to a minute. I also will jump rope between sets when doing my leg workouts. This is a great way to burn fat.

Richard asks…

Do I have rich blood or something?

I give blood on average about four times a year. I’m now up to my 15th time donating. Now, what I find strange is that in all the times that I’ve given blood, I’ve NEVER once felt any negative side-effects.

Most recently, I gave whole blood in mid-December and then yesterday I did the Alyx(?) double red blood cell donation. Despite this, I feel no different whatsoever (except immediately afterwards, I felt a bit chilly since the fluids that I was getting back were below body temperature, but this was quickly reversed).

What is perhaps most odd is that every time I give blood, I get up and run off without eating or drinking anything. I don’t drink extra fluids or really follow any of the recommendations that they give afterwards. The ONLY thing I do differently is I refrain from straining the arm in which they stuck the needle (I don’t want the vein popping open and bleeding all over the place). And the thing that confuses me is when I see others who haven’t donated in years (if ever at all) who end up fainting or getting dizzy or having other little side-effects.

So I guess my question is this: is my tolerance of blood loss due to something physiological or is it just something psychological?

For reference, I have O- blood, I’m about 5’5″ tall, and weigh ~155lbs (extremely little of which is fat; it’s mostly lean muscle).
Thomas: don’t worry, I won’t be donating blood again for 112 days since I did the double red blood cell, and they very stringently warned me against doing so.

In fact, I went in to donate last week, but they wouldn’t let me since the records said that I had to wait five more days before my next donation.

I’m not worried about suffering side-effects… rather, I’m curious as to why I’m *not* suffering side-effects.
To Cran Juice:

As far as exercise goes, I do a lot of martial arts, freerunning, acrobatics, and climbing. I don’t do ANY weightlifting EVER. I also don’t engage in any conventional sports.

I’m bad at extended periods of aerobic activity, but I think that’s mostly because I have very heftily muscular legs which demand a lot of energy to operate, even when they’re not being strained very much.

I don’t exercise as often as most of my friends who play sports or weight-lift, but I think that in the instances that I do exercise, I push my body so far beyond its threshold that I get a lot more out of it than what they get from what they do.

I’m just sort of curious if it’s possible to have blood that’s particularly rich or a body that’s more efficient at utilizing blood.

admin answers:

Interesting. The only thing I can think of is do you exercise a lot? Maybe the fact that you exercise allows the blood to pump quicker and more sufficiently throughout the body, even on days you don’t exercise. But it doesn’t explain why you can still exercise after donating blood and not eating. Maybe you’re just lucky.

Then again, I’m 5’3” 115 pounds and I don’t feel anything after I donate blood. The only time I fainted was because I hadn’t eaten anything that day.

Betty asks…

What is my ideal healthy weight? ?

Hi. I am recovering from body image issues and I want to find out what a healthy weight for me is. First, some background information. I am 5″7 and have a large frame. I weighed about 125 lbs in the beginning of 8th grade and by the time I had graduated, was up to 180-185. I went to college and leveled off at about 185-195. Now I am at 190. My BMI is high, about 29.8 if I did the math correctly.

Ever since I was at my 125 lbs low I have used various means to get my weight back down. These ranged from doing aerobics for an hour 5-6 days a week, to bulimic practices, to very hardcore diets. I have not been able to get myself below 180 without unhealthy side effects. The last time I was able to was in Senior year when I got bouts of anemia I think (I felt like passing out when I got up too fast).

Usually I fluctuate a lot throughout the year where I lose 5 lbs, then get stressed about not being able to lose anymore, binge, and gain 5, then lose 5 and repeat. I know this fluctuating is not healthy. I think after this summer I have gotten over my bingeing/bulimia practices and my body issues however I still have no idea what my weight should be and everyone I talk to (including my pediatrician and my general practicioner) just go by the BMI which puts me around 140-150 (or 169 if I’m a large frame which I am, my wrist circumference is a bit over 7.5 inches).

Also, my caloric intake is anywhere between 1500 and 2000 calories a day. According to the BMR calculator I need about 2500 with my workout regimen. I don’t eat most desserts (maybe a chocolate chip cookie a day on average) I eat a fair amount of leaner meats (chicken and turkey) and I don’t drink soda. I also do not eat many fruits and vegetables though I drink a green plant juice to make up for this. Am I doomed to be stuck at 180lbs and is this safe?

admin answers:

Well the ideal is about 135 lbs but for you i would say aim for 150

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